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Advocating For Children In Modifications Of Custody And Child Support

Things change over time. Parents move or switch jobs. Kids grow up. Sometimes change happens suddenly, such as a job layoff or health crisis. Court orders can be modified to reflect a “significant change in circumstances.”

Story Law Firm, P.C., can pursue or fight against modifications of child custody, child support or spousal support. I have experience advocating for estranged and non-custodial parents in these court proceedings. As your attorney, I will fight for your parental rights and for fairness. I understand that serving the best interests of children typically means preserving their relationships with both parents, and that is what I strive to do in each case I handle.

Modifying Child Custody And Parenting Time

Oftentimes, parents divorcing or separating have already made a custody agreement that may afford one parent significantly more custodial time than the other. As circumstances change, the non-custodial parent may have an opportunity to secure a greater parenting role and stronger bond with their kids. On the other hand, it is also possible to lose ground and become further disconnected. It is critical to have an experienced advocate in your corner.

I have represented the non-custodial parent in many custody modification scenarios:

  • Petitions for sole custody to cut the father out of the picture
  • Requests to relocate with the kids away from California
  • Reversing primary custody to allow a child to live with the other parent
  • Increasing or decreasing parenting time
  • Modifying the parenting plan and schedules

I can help you establish, maintain, and modify custody orders that work for you, and more importantly, for your children.

Child Support Modification

Child support is often a point of contention in divorce degrees, and modifications can be even more complex. If the supporting parent gets a new job or a raise, there will likely be an expectation of increased support payments. But when that parent falls on hard times, that parent is still expected to meet court-ordered obligations.

I represent parents in proceedings to modify financial support:

  • Increase in child support to reflect higher income
  • Decrease due to unemployment or other hardship
  • Decrease due to a change in the mother’s income
  • Modification of child support to reflect a change in custody
  • Termination of support when the child reaches emancipation

Let Me Tell Your Side Of The Story

Post-judgment modifications can be just as contentious (or more) than the original divorce. Put my focused experience in family law and custodial rights to work for you. Set up a consultation for $75 or an in-office consultation for $150. Call my Covina office at 888-978-9862 or contact me online.